Help a Sista Out

A year ago at this time I was living in San Rafael de Heredia, Costa Rica. During this time, I realized how privileged I was to be able to hop in my car at any time of the day and head to the drugstore if I ever needed anything. While in Costa Rica I lived on a mountain so I had to walk an hour to get to the center of town, where there were stores. As a female, one of the necessities is feminine hygiene products. At times making sure that I had enough tampons and pads to last me for the entirety of my menstrual cycle proved to be a problem for me and for other females on the trip. Not only did I have to walk to get to a store with a smaller variety of products in stock than I was used to, items were also more expensive than I was accustomed to. I also went to Nicaragua. I found that the prices were similar to the prices I would see in the US, but these people are living in the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Haiti is the first.

My point in this story is that as a privileged North American, I found these things were just inconveniences. They were bigger problems for the people who had to live in these places every day.

As a woman, I feel that no woman should be deprived of such necessities like pads and tampons. Let’s be real, nobody wants to be bleeding down their legs and all over their clothes, and this also a matter of basic hygiene.

Therefore, I propose to my readers my idea of a non-profit that I would like to start in Central America. The goal of this non-profit would be to send feminine hygiene products to women in more impoverished and secluded areas of these countries. I feel like this is a need that often goes unnoticed and I want to help ensure that these women have access to a more desirable and sanitary way of living.


3 thoughts on “Help a Sista Out

  1. John Savage says:

    Sasha, it’s a wonderful idea worth funding if the details get worked out. when you have time (which you probably don’t have as a busy college student), start small. Do you have any in-country contacts who you could explore the idea with (sorry for the garbled sentence and dangling preposition).


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