WhitChoirTour 2015

For many students at Whitworth, this last week consisted of soaking up sun rays, sleeping in late, and no homework. For others, those in the Whitworth Choir that is, spent their week touring western Washington and Vancouver, BC for  their spring break. Myself included had the pleasure of spending a week singing for a number of audiences, for a total of about nine performances. Along the way we stayed in hotels and home stays, and were practically in a new place almost every single night.


One of my best friends dropping me off before tour!

I know it sounds exhausting, and to be truthful, the tour was very exhausting. But I have learned that some of the most exhausting parts of life are some of the most memorable times you will have. Of course there were days that I did not want to rehearse anymore, or I thought I couldn’t make it through another concert, but in the end I only became a better performer and asset to the choir.


Photo from Vancouver, BC

My favorite part of the whole tour was my first home stay in Wenatchee, WA. My friend Kelsi and I had the opportunity to stay with an older couple named Georgia and Rich. There are people you will meet once in awhile that immediately give the you a feeling of warmth and love, and Rich and Georgia were these kind of people. Even just to sit down and chat with them before bed, and again around the breakfast table before we had to head out for our next stop are the moments I cherish.


Long Beach, WA

Relationships are what brings me the greatest joy in life, so it is the moments like these that I find happiness.


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