I See You In Me

A recent trip to Miami, Florida, was just the perfect way to extend my spring break this year. As I spent my time basking in the sun, I had the pleasure of watching my little brother and sister build sandcastles along the oceanfront. As I sat there and watched them, I was intrigued by the striking resemblance between my younger siblings and me. I began to notice the small details of them both- the way their curls are placed upon their head, with frizz covering each strand as it began to dry after being soaked from the water. It’s just how I remember it from when I was little. My little sister, with a statute strikingly similar to my own, walks with attitude and sass. Her attitude and poise are not far from the little firecracker that I once was. Although many people comment on the resemblance between my sister and I, my younger brother and I share attributes as well. He finds contentment in doing his own thing, but also likes to stay close to his older sister’s side….just like I did with my older sister. His hair is bleached by the sun, and his skin was becoming darker by the hour, just like mine.

Though my brother and sister are only share 50% of the same bloodline as I do, it’s amazing how alike we are. Despite growing up apart, the things that I see in them take me back to my childhood with my older sister. This is unexplainable to me.


My older sister and I around the same age as my younger siblings


Benji and Ava



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