Why Does Diversity Matter?

Diversity is a hot topic on Whitworth’s campus, and quite frankly it seems to be a hot topic within the media as well. First and foremost, I believe it is important to acknowledge that diversity doesn’t just come in different skin colors, but rather in economic and social status, level of education, family make up, and so on. Often times we see diversity as only what we can see on the surface, while diversity contains so many other components.

The idea for this blog came from my Reporting for Mass Media class when my professor asked this very question to our class. To say the least, I was extremely happy the question of why diversity matters was asked to the class. On the other hand, I was disappointed with the lack of enthusiasm from the students. All of the group responses unanimously agreed that diversity mattered, but that was about it. No powerful responses as to why diversity does matter.

I of course have my own opinions as to why diversity matters, but before I tell you my reasons, I think it is important for you to answer this question for yourself. Or does diversity even matter to you at all?

Now, let me get on my pedestal for a moment:

I don’t have an elongated and profound reason as to why diversity matters, but I have my opinion, and that is good enough for me.

I believe diversity is important because regardless of where you are, you live in a diverse place. Sometimes it may not seem like you are in a place where people are very different from you, or it make seem like you are in a place where everyone is different from you. Either way, this is my exact point. Having diversity causes awareness and the ability to relate to those around you, and gives the opportunity for every voice to be heard. I know sometimes we feel like we don’t need to hear everyone’s voice because well, we have our own opinions and our mind is already made up. Reality check: You do. And I don’t care who you are.

So diversity matters not only for the sake of the other person and their voice to be heard, but for your sake as well! If you want to grow as person, you have to be willing to be knocked off your feet once in awhile by others opinions, allow yourself to be offended, which will cause you to reevaluate or reaffirm your values.

Diversity matters. For everybody.


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