What happened to health class?

We all know the general education required classes we have to take regardless of what academic major we are studying. The journalism majors who save that dreaded math class for their last semester of senior year, or the chemistry majors who will find any way to avoid that one writing class where you will inevitably have to write a ten page paper on some random topic you have never heard of. These classes, sometimes mundane and boring? Yes. Sometimes they screw over your GPA? Yes. But let’s face it, there’s no denying that we learned a thing or two from these gen-ed classes.

We have math, science, foreign language, writing, social sciences, and so on. All of these required classes regardless of your major, but whatever happened to health class? What about the one class that emphasized the importance of your  well-being. The well-being of the student who has to get through all of these rigorous gen-ed requirements while maintaining their own health? Seems quite contradictory to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I used to think gen-ed requirements were useless, but that was the naïve, younger, Sasha. All of your gen-ed classes will teach you something, even  if it was just perseverance through hard times. Lord knows that was the case with my calculus class.

But back to the important stuff. The lack of health education is not something to be overlooked. College students are in a transitional period in life. We are learning a lot about ourselves, about new ideas, time management, I mean the list goes on. Now, I will say that we do have health and wellness requirements here at Whitworth, however a class the addresses the overall physical, mental, and emotional health is not  gen-ed requirement.

Health nut or not, there is no denying the health education is for everybody. EVERYBODY.

I propose that we reconstruct our existing health courses in order to attend to all areas of health, and in my humble opinion, an emphasis on nutrition. We’ll save tangent for another time.  It is amazing what 30 minutes in the gym, a simple change in diet, and a little YOU time can do.

Stay healthy my friends, you will be grateful you did.




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